Posted by: Cher | May 5, 2013

Surrender the sandcastle

© Cheryl Ramurath

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Building up that little sandcastle of your self-made-ness? Of course you take pride in it – why wouldn’t you? It is a work of art – your life configured just the way you want it.

Please don’t think I’m picking on you: I have sandcastles of my own. A few in fact – all in various stages of construction.

The pesky thing about sandcastles though: they’re not made from the best material. Its hard to gather up, hard to compact together so that its mouldable – and then there’s the ever-present danger of everyone else who is on the beach of our lives that can crush our fragile dreams at any moment.


I’m tired of building sandcastles.

Tired of trying to build my life according to the blueprint of what I think I’m supposed to have and be and do at this age.

And I’m frustrated.

All of my sandcastle building attempts have always just crumbled into indeterminate sand anyway. (Matthew 7: 24-29)

What I really want to do – is rush out into the refreshing waters of the ocean… feel the soft sand squishing beneath my feet… hear the breath of God on the wind.

Sandcastles suck.

My spirit is really yearning for the concrete realities that exist just beyond where our fingers can touch and just at the limits of where our eyes can see. I want to shed the shackles of acceptable adulthood and squeal in childish delight as I feel the arms of God pick me out of my pretend “I’ve-got-this” and place me on His shoulders of strength and victory.

I’m surrendering the sandcastle.

I’m diving into the ocean of Grace and Love.


(Download a sermon entitled “Rhythms of Grace” by Pastor Adrian Wright of City Life Church Its time to surrender your sandcastle.)



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